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The Cookbook

After finally finding use of my free time and starting this blog, it really opened my eyes with my interest in cooking. I’ve decided to start my own cookbook. For every interesting recipe that I’ve experimented, I took note of them. I wanted to type them up, print it, and go to bureau en gros to have it plastified into a mini book. But I got inspired by one of my guilty pleasures: Desperate Housewives.

Bree is the character who has the whole “Stepford” wife personality. She cooks and cleans and she’s the best at it. She started off with a box she keeps in her kitchen that contained cards with her best recipes written on it and a few years later, she made her own famous catering company.

I want to do that! (minus the catering). First thing, I’m gonna do Monday is buy myself a recipe box. I found a few cute ones online. Check it out: