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Beyonce + B.B. Homemaker = American Dream

she’s got beauty

she’s got class

she’s got style

and she’s got ass!

Okay, I’m not gonna lie. Beyonce has always been a guilty pleasure of mine but now I’m really not ashamed to like her! This video is amazing! All girls should take notes from B because she is smoking in this video! Her hair, her makeup and her style (in most scenes) are beautiful. She’s got the whole Mad Men/50s/American Dream to a T. Watching this video makes me want to wear sexy lingerie, sit on my bed with a martini in one hand and a cigarette in the other. There really is nothing not to love about her!


more about the american dreamm

I found this on H&M

well said!

American dream

First, I’m sure you all have heard the great news that Topshop & Topman’s online store now delivers to Canada. Finally! My credit card will not be happy about this!

Their men’s lookbook for this spring title Pleasure Beach is looking delicious! They got the whole 50’s, greasers, american dream feel to a T.

Check it out: