haute comfort

Every time I show my face in public wearing sweatpants, I feel disgusted. For me, it’s a day where I left my house in my PJs and I’m most probably heading to school to do an exam or to run a quick errand at the grocery store for my mom.

As you have all probably noticed, Christine’s beautiful face is appearing every where these days and I have nothing against it! I wish I had her confidence while I walk down the sidewalk with my sweatpants.

polaroid heart

This is so cute & smart. I’ve decided I will start taking pictures with a Polaroid and create something like this. It’s sad that our generation has become so digital that all pictures are on the computer. Do you know many people who actually print their pictures and save them for the future? I want to be one of them!

Every Bedroom needs…

I’m a huge fan of white when it comes to interior design. Especially when it comes to the bedroom. I feel like all bedrooms should be white because it represents purity, peace and brings light into your personal room.

Having big windows is also a great thing. Natural light is very important and can play a huge factor on your mood and everyday way of living. So open your curtains and let the sunshine in! (but please don’t give your neighbours a provocative show)

I finally started a blog

Listen to me blab about music, fashion, photography, food & interior design.