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My dream loft

Ugh Erin Wasson, you know me too well.

Saving up to put a down payment on a condo is a loong process but hopefully in 2 years, I’ll have saved enough.

These pics are mad old but it’s exactly what I want. I know it’s lame but I know what my first condo is going to look like: brick walls, dark hardwood floor, metal entrance door, big windows, lots of natural light + white walls. Plus the whole western feel it has makes it just soo much nicer!

a boy can dream *~*~

bathtubs bathtubs bathtubs

My job is pretty stressful and every since I have started working for the bank, I’ve learnt that helping me not burn out and get all Naomi Campbell on everyone is to enjoy a long hot bath when I have the free time.

I still live with my parents and our bathtub isn’t the best as I wish. That’s why I always tell myself once I get my own place, a nice big bathtub will be a must. After checking out Milan’s 2010 bathroom designs, my jaw dropped at all the beautiful bathtubs. check em out:

The Cookbook

After finally finding use of my free time and starting this blog, it really opened my eyes with my interest in cooking. I’ve decided to start my own cookbook. For every interesting recipe that I’ve experimented, I took note of them. I wanted to type them up, print it, and go to bureau en gros to have it plastified into a mini book. But I got inspired by one of my guilty pleasures: Desperate Housewives.

Bree is the character who has the whole “Stepford” wife personality. She cooks and cleans and she’s the best at it. She started off with a box she keeps in her kitchen that contained cards with her best recipes written on it and a few years later, she made her own famous catering company.

I want to do that! (minus the catering). First thing, I’m gonna do Monday is buy myself a recipe box. I found a few cute ones online. Check it out:


Modular Radiators have really come out with a boom. It’s the new big thing to have in your home. It’s thin and they can be mounted on walls to save floor space.

FRNKWZ really wowed me with their new creation. Their “Tetris Modular Radiator” has a very nice shape and look to it. The spikes give it an edgy and modern feel to it. It also has handles for you to use as a towel warmer! Doesn’t it make your current look ridiculously fugly?


I found these on one of my favorite sites that keeps posting all the coolest gadgets. The site comes from the same people who bring you Apartment Therapy. You guys should check it out, it’s called Unplggd.

This new bathroom piece is absolutely genius! It’s a sink and a toilet merged together. They call it W+W. When you wash your hands, the used water goes down from the sink and into the toilet, so the water you are using to do your business is used water. Not only are you helping out the environment but your doing it in style with its sleek design. Thank the Roca brand for this smart invention.

polaroid heart

This is so cute & smart. I’ve decided I will start taking pictures with a Polaroid and create something like this. It’s sad that our generation has become so digital that all pictures are on the computer. Do you know many people who actually print their pictures and save them for the future? I want to be one of them!

Every Bedroom needs…

I’m a huge fan of white when it comes to interior design. Especially when it comes to the bedroom. I feel like all bedrooms should be white because it represents purity, peace and brings light into your personal room.

Having big windows is also a great thing. Natural light is very important and can play a huge factor on your mood and everyday way of living. So open your curtains and let the sunshine in! (but please don’t give your neighbours a provocative show)