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Beyonce + B.B. Homemaker = American Dream

she’s got beauty

she’s got class

she’s got style

and she’s got ass!

Okay, I’m not gonna lie. Beyonce has always been a guilty pleasure of mine but now I’m really not ashamed to like her! This video is amazing! All girls should take notes from B because she is smoking in this video! Her hair, her makeup and her style (in most scenes) are beautiful. She’s got the whole Mad Men/50s/American Dream to a T. Watching this video makes me want to wear sexy lingerie, sit on my bed with a martini in one hand and a cigarette in the other. There really is nothing not to love about her!


Western Eyes

I must say, I’m impressed with what Emperio Armani has in their new lookbook. I’m officially a fan! The cream coloured double breasted jackets are perfect for this summer.

Oh Sean

I just lovelovelove Sean O’pry. He is delicious.

Directed by Dean Isidro

Zara May lookbook

I’m loving their pants, academic blazers, and did I mention their pants?

Ambrose Olson (1985-2010)


joe dallessandro

more about the american dreamm

I found this on H&M

well said!